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Adsense alternatives for small websites….

You are a Blogger and WordPress user. your AdSense has not been approved or is suspended for some reason. Then this is always the tension in your mind that we have worked so hard. But your Google Adsense has not approved. yet due to this your you are not able to earn online income. today I will tell you about, 4 best Google Adsense alternatives small websites through which you can online earn. Which will get you approved very soon, its CPC is also very good. you can earn good online income with the help of. 4 best Google Adsense alternative.

Even you do not have a custom domain like you have written a blog on Blogger. you have not connected Blogger with any domain, you can still get it approved and make an earning.

 4 best Google Adsense alternatives small websites

One of these is a website that will give you earnings even better than Google Adsense.

1. Adsterra

2. Clickadu

3. maxbounty

4. Trafficjunky

Adsterra ( one of the Google Adsense alternative)

The first alternative to Google AdSense is Adsterra. Friends This website is very good, you will get a fast approval if you want to advertise in it, then click the button with advertisement and if you are a blogger and a WordPress user and you want this website to show ad on your website then Click on the Monetize button that you will find on the home page of this website

Now let me tell you which ad formats are used in it, for that you have to click on the menu option, after that you have to click on the Ad format.

Type Of Ad formate used in Adsterra

1 display banner

2 Popunders

3 Direct links

4 Pre-roll Video

5 Push notification

You are the biggest question that how this website pays out and how much is its minimum payout amount. Friends, you have to click on the menu button inside it. after that, you have to click on the FAQ that you will see the payment option in which you will get all the reporting of the payment of its payment.

2 Clickadu

Now the second Google AdSense alternate name is http://Clickadu.In it you will find all the information on its home page, as well as what kind of ad format it supports and how many active champions it is and which of its clients is.

So now the question that how comes in your mind. what is the minimum amount of it pay, and how much time does it pay, what kind of payment this gateway supports. So, for that, you have to click on the FAQ button in which you will get all the reporting of payment.

3 maxbounty

The third Google AdSense alternate is Maxbounty. This adNetwork works on affiliate marketing. It works on the cost per action CPA. If you get any form fill from your website or from your blog post or get a product purchase, then this site gives you some percentage of it so that you can earn good income without Google Adsense. Inside this, you have to click on affiliate button and sign up and it also gives you approval very soon.

4 Traffic juncky

Google Adsense alternatives small websites

If you create an Adult Website. then we all know that Google Adsense has never been approved for Adult Website. But with this Google Adsense alternative, you get the approval and you can earn online. In this, you have to click on the publisher and then click on the zone format, which will tell you what kind of Ads this website is showing on your website and this website supports.

Thanks for reading if you have any question regarding Google absence alternative comment below I fill thankful to help you.

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